5 Tips to Conquer CurlFest!

What is CurlFest?

CurlFest is the mecca for curls, koils, kinks and fros! So much melanin in one place celebrating all things natural hair! Here are a couple of tips to conquer CurlFest!




Get there early!

I truly learned my lesson. I decided to brunch before CurlFest and paid for it. I arrived about 2 hours after the event started. There were so many people trying to get in that standing in line to collect my swag bag could have easily been a 2-hour wait. I decided to nix the swag bag in order to get product samples. This was also a struggle as the lines were now super long. Vendors were running out of products. 

Drink plenty of water!

This year it wasn’t as hot as previous years. However, it is always important to stay hydrated when you’re outside for several hours. Plus, add in standing in lines and thousands of people. Passing out is never the goal at a festival!

Bring Cash!

Many vendors take cards. However, sometimes you can get through lines faster with cash. Many people forget to bring cash so the cash lines are always shorter. A shorter line = more time at the festival. 

Plan for a picnic!

Prospect Park is huge! There is plenty of room for a picnic. You could buy food from several vendors and food trucks. However, you can also bring your own food and drinks! That is always the cheaper alternative to having a good time!

Prioritize Brands!

Take advantage of the sales. If you use a particular brand over others make sure that is the first place you stop. You never know who has sales and deals at their tent. Also, you never know when a vendor will run out of a product. So, its best to prioritize so you don’t miss out. 

I enjoyed CurlFest! Want to see a vlog of CurlFest? Hopefully, I will see you all there next year!

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