2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holidays are here! Grab something for the natural in your life!

Holiday Gift de.pngHoliday Gift de.png
  1. AquaBliss Shower Filter

    • Hard water can be just that, hard on our hair and skin. This filter can help eliminate the extra minerals deposited onto our skin.

  2. Black Hair Been Poppin’ Pins

    • No description necessary because we knew!

  3. Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter

    • Moisturize and protect those tresses with this twisting butter. The smell is mesmerizing.

  4. Kreyol Essence, Castor Oil Pure Haitian Black

    • Another winter favorite to lock in that moisture!

  5. Silk Scrunchies Women Hair Ties

    • Bring back the 90’s style! These scrunchies are silk wrapped to prevent breakage. I use them to stretch and pineapple my curls.


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