5 Apps You Need to Create Stunning Content!

There are certain pieces of content that just grab our attention. It’s either stunning or simply just cool! Ever wonder how it’s created? Many content creators live on their phones. There are many user-friendly apps that you can use to create! Here are a few of my favorites!


I love Tezza! This app will help you create beautiful stop-motion videos. They also have beautiful covers and effects for your videos! It is a paid subscription but if you are looking to create content that will get the attention of brands and grow your personal brand Tezza is a must-have. Just look at how beautiful the stop-motion is below.



The app of all apps for presets and filters. Suppose you’re looking to create a uniformed Instagram page; you can save your favorite presets in the app. Whether you want a warm or cool tone, the possibilities are endless. I love to add a little grain, brightness, and warmth to my photos!



Canva is the easiest app to create graphics and other text-related content. I usually use Canva for infographics, educational posts, or the Twitter quotes with the picture in the background. You can sign up for Canva by clicking this link. (Yes, it’s an affiliate link so I get a little coin when you sign up!)


Ever wonder how people create those cool and animated stories? MOJO, that’s how. MOJO brings words and pictures to life in Instagram stories. MOJO is another app that I pay for. Again, these apps pay for themselves if you are pitching to brands and seeking deals.


Want to know the easiest way to be consistent? Preplanned and uploaded content. Planoly is what I use to upload my content, write out the captions, select the most popular hashtags, and schedule my upload. This is perfect for staying consistent and helping to take some of the work out of creating content.

Beautiful content doesn’t create itself, you have to get out there and shoot it! However, hopefully, these apps take some of the guesswork out and help to spark some creativity! Are there any apps that you prefer? Share them below! As always, thanks for stopping by!


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