Free Resources for Content Creators to Use While Social Distancing

The Corona Virus has taken over many lives. In the wake of this pandemic, a lot of content creators and influencers are offering free or deeply discounted access to their courses. This is an opportunity to spend your quarantine time learning how to perfect your content and grow your community! Here are a couple of free resources below! Hurry before some go back to paid memberships!

First! THE Mattie James always has free resources for bloggers. She has been a full-time blogger for years. On her site, you’ll get tips and worksheets that will help you as an influencer. Here are just a couple of post that’ll change your life!

  • How to Write an Influencer Business Plan

  • The Influencer Press Kit Guide

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks for Influencers

She also has Pitch Courses available! Click the picture to go straight to the site!


Now, this is a deal! LifeIsContent is offering all their videos for free. This content coaching subscription was started by Jade Kendle of Lip Stick and Curls and her sisters. You’ll learn how to find your niche and read your analytics. This resource transcends just blogging. These course can help you boost all your social media platforms. This is a gem so catch it fast!

Use this free time to both take care of yourself and grow! Hope to see you back soon! See y’all!


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